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Nowmi Pro Sonic Cleanser

Daily  Sonic Silicone Cleanser on one side

Weekly Oxygenation CO2 Vitamin C Effervescent Infusion on the other side.


Throughout the treatment, the NowMi Pro device emits 6,000 sonic  pulsations per minute. This sound energy significantly enhances the treatment's effectiveness and boosts each one of its actions.


Provides: Daily Cleansing

1. Skin Exfoliation

2. Nourishment

3. Oxygenation, Micro Circulation from within the skin (Bohr Effect)

4. Protection

NowMi Pro Sonic Cleanser/Oxygenator with FREE 𝒉MSC Trial Serum

  • How it works:

    Brought to you by the Inventor of TriPollar®, LHE®, Thermicon®, TriLipo® TriFractional®, OxyGeneo®


    The at home NowMi facial treatments are performed with the effervescent tablet which contains Vitamin C and lubricant gel that contains Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid. When Vitamin C comes in contact with Hyaluronic Acid on the skin it produces Co2 Bubbles. It is those Co2 Bubbles that induce the body to send oxygen-rich blood to the surface, this is called oxygenation, (via Bohr Effect), which maximizes the absorption of nutrients & micro circulation.


    After just 5-10 minutes of your weekly NowMi Pro facial you will see immediate results: Glowing, Revitalized, and Firm Skin, Tightened Pores, and Even Skin Tone and Texture.


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